USB motion controller to the Mach3 program

So the USB CNC controller to the Mach3 called UC100 has been designed. And what is the use of it? Anyone who might have dealt with CNC-s, even as a hobby, must have come up with one of the most widespread programs, the Mach3. It is a great program, thoroughly customizable to machines, whether it is a foam cutter, a conventional milling machine, a laser cutter, a plasma cutter or a lathe. However, it has two weak points. Firstly, it sends the machine the control signal throughout the LPT port. It is important to know about the LPT port that its development dates back to the 70ies, and it had the golden age in the 90ies. Now, it in no wonder that its specification and parameters have by now become more than obsolete. You cannot even find that plug on the latest laptops. And those who have tried it know that an LPT port must be established in a laptop applying a PCMCIA card, which should be also compatible with Mach3 too. Not simple at all. The other weak point is the operating system. This is problematic, because the accurate control signals must be calculated with strict timing and order, and forwarded to the LPT port, which requires a remarkable power source from the operating system. All these problem are intended to be solved by the UC100 CNC motion controller. Having installed the drivers, it is just to be connected to the computer or laptop, and it immediately works with the Mach3 program. It is not a simple USB/LPT transformer, but is a target hardware specifically designed for the Mach3 program. It is important to emphasize that the signals earlier emitted through LPT port are calculated by a DSP with high speed and precision. The Mach3 program "only" sends it the position parameters, and saves a significant amount of power source for the operating system by calculating the control signals from the hardware. Its main parameters: 6 axes, maximum 100kHz frequency per axis, 12 outputs, and 5 inputs. The plug pompatible with the LPT port simplifies the transformation to UC100.





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