UC100 USB CNC motion control to the Mach3 program

The Mach3 program can control the CNC machines through the printer port. Producing accurately timed signals through the printer port is quite a significant task on part of the operating system, and it has also limits (it is not recommendable to run other programs besides Mach3, for they can easily affect the "smoothness" of the emitted signals). There comes the question: how can it be avoided or substituted?


Especially in light of the fact that the printer port virtually disappears from computers, particularly from laptops with the advancement of tecnology. Several, commercially available solutions have been already unveiled to substitute the printer port. However, the solutions are relatively costly and their connection is complicated. UC100 is meant to solve this problem. It is only to be connected to the computer's USB port and the CNC motor driver circuit via the standard printer port. Mach3 handles the outputs (12) and inputs (5) of the CNC100 the same way as if we were using a printer port. It produces the output signals with high precision, and puffers it with a bit more of 1 second memory The production of hardware output signals takes a lot of work off the operation system, hence you can apply a lower-performance computer, too.

Parameters and functions summary:

General properties:

Automatic firmware checking and firmware update.
Motion control on upto 6-axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)
Configurable maximum stepping frequency, the options are 25kHz(with 20usec
pulse length), 50kHz(with 10usec pulse length), 100kHz(with 5usec pulse length).
On the fly configurable 12 pieces of 5Volt (TTL level) buffered outputs.
The current sink/source capability is 20mA max. per output.
On the fly configurable 5 pieces of 5V (TTL level) schmitt triggered and filtered
inputs. The input internal pullup resistance to 5Volts is 4.7kOhms.
About 1 second long communication buffer.
100% LPT port compatible pinout.

Supported Mach3 functions:

-Reference inputs
-E-stop input
-Limit switch inputs
-Limit override
-Index input (extended function supports multi slot sensors)
-Spindle speed PWM control output
-Step and direction spindle control output
-Spindle and coolant relay control
-Charge pump safety signal output (configurable to active/inactive when in E-stop)
-Charge pump adjustable frequency (12.50kHz in normal or 5kHz in laser mode)
-All signals configurable to active High/Low
-General purpose I/O signals handling
-Offline mode
-All MPGs and encoders support. (2pcs maximum one time)
-Slave axis
-Backlash compensation
-Digit/probe input
-THC control inputs



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